I’LL DO IT – The True Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Self-isolation and Social Distancing – two terms we are all quite familiar with these days, thanks to the Coronavirus. Roads and malls and restaurants are deserted, rightfully so, as we try to make sense of, and defeat, the latest pandemic that is the COVID-19. And while some of us are armchair-criticising and debating on social media about the seriousness of this issue, there are others who are bravely grabbing this beast by the horns, putting themselves out there despite fear of infection, so our daily lives are not disrupted. Meet the TRUE HEROES of the pandemic.


Healthcare Workers

Frontline warriors – our nurses, doctors and other healthcare personnel who are putting themselves in harm’s way everyday to test, monitor and cure patients. They have been doing this forever, but the rapid spread of COVID-19 means longer shifts (sometimes 36-48 hours with no sleep) and difficult decisions.

The images are difficult to see – nurses with rashes on their faces as the masks dig into their skin all day and all night, doctors having to decide who gets care as the system is flooded with people – but these heroes show up every day like it is normal, and do their duty without expectations.


Transportation and Retail Workers

Groceries, medical supplies, other essential and non-essential items, sick people who need to go to the hospital  – these are still being transported by our amazing transportation workers – no work-from-home for them. Given the scale of the pandemic, if it weren’t for the smooth running of this industry, we could be deprived of essential medical supplies, there could mass hysteria as resources get depleted, and general chaos. This is one of those industries where we take notice only when things aren’t going seamlessly, so a big thank you to our wonderful transportation heroes!


Post and other Delivery Persons

We live in an age of convenience. Pandemic? No problem – I’ll sit at home, watch the telly, and order what I want from Amazon. Except that delivery is made by someone who is putting themselves at risk by doing their job. Our postal and other delivery workers are going about it like it’s no big deal – carting packages across the country, having to interact with more people than is safe during this time, and still delivering everything on time. The next time you hit that ‘checkout’ button on an online shop, say a quick thank you to your delivery individual.


All the Kind People

And let’s not forget random acts of kindness from people during this time. That person who helped you get your bags to the car, the neighbour that didn’t mind cooking for you, the stranger who wrote something uplifting on the pavement to cheer you up, friends who stayed home and called you on FaceTime, individuals who are helping others monetarily and otherwise – these are all heroes of humanity during this difficult time. They are people that listened to the question “Who’s going to save us?” and answered with a resounding ‘I’ll do it!’.


Gogodoc thanks them for their service and pledges to help with the pandemic. For the next month, we are offering online video and phone consultations with a doctor so everyone can take care of their health without having to go outdoors – a qualified GP is only a call away.

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