Private Employment & Educational Sickness Notes

Appointment for Doctors Note

What is a Doctors Sick Note?

If you have been unwell or have a health condition, you may need to take time off of work or education. Our GP’s can issue you same-day sick notes. Please note we do not write private sick notes for longer than 14 days at a time and GP’s are unable to back-date the notes. Gogodoc is a private GP Service and does not provide Med3 notes. These are available from your NHS GP only.

What Happens During Your Consultation for Private Sick Note?

The doctor will assess you, and if they decide your health affects your fitness for work, they can issue a sick note.

Following your consultation, you will receive an invoice of £35 for the sick note service. Once payment has been received your document will be emailed to you.

All our certificates are on company headed paper, with the doctors full name and GMC registration number.

Gogodoc should NOT be used in possible medical emergencies or situations that may require urgent medical attention. If you think that your situation, or someone else’s, is or might become an emergency, you should IMMEDIATELY STOP using Gogodoc and call 999.

Examples are:
Severe chest pain, Difficulty breathing, Active or severe bleeding, Loss of consciousness, Slurred speech, Facial Drooping, Inability to move an arm or leg, Acute confused state, Fits/seizures, Major trauma, A rash that doesn’t disappear under a glass tumbler being pressed against it, Possible stroke or heart attack, Swallowing a foreign object such as a battery, Sudden loss of vision or hearing.

£50 Only (9AM – 9PM) 

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