How Not to Lose Your Mind During Isolation

Isolation, Quarantine, Lockdown, Social Distancing – it’s hard to remember a time when these words weren’t really in our vocabulary. While the infectious disease looming at large is scary in itself, the loss of freedom with isolation can be tough too. So here are some ways to keep your sanity and hold on a little longer until we are out of this scare.

Follow A Routine

One of the first things to go out the window during a quarantine period is any semblance of a routine, normal life. Bring that ounce of control back to your life by making tweaks and creating a new routine. Set aside time for work, breaks, lazy time, working out and weekend chores.

Limit Exposure to
Constant Stream of Information

This is not to say ‘live in your own bubble’ (although that’s good advice for these times, sanitarily-speaking), but putting yourself through a constant stream of negative information – like new cases of covid-19 and the rising number of deaths – can have a detrimental effect on your mental well-being. So stay aware, read up on where things are and what to do, but take a break every now and then and watch a good movie or serial. Or those cute cat videos everyone seems to be sharing.

Pick up a Hobby

All we have now is time, right? A hobby can be a good distraction and even seem therapeutic. Pick up something tactile – making things by hand will get you to slow down, connect more with yourself, and calm your mind. Get home kits for crafts, or watch youtube videos and get started with what you have on hand!

Finish that To-Do List

Remember all those things you said you’d do “if only there was time”. Well, voila! You’ve received the gift of time. Get cracking on that to-do list – whether it’s personal or professional. Organize your space, tackle one or two in a day and watch that sense of accomplishment get you to a more positive mood.

Call a Loved One

Social distancing doesn’t mean we’re also mentally distanced from our loved ones. Call your family and friends, check on them, spend a good chunk of time sharing stories and smiles. Missing your night outs with your mates? Get a drink and get on a group call – after all, it’s the conversation that makes it a fun night!

Take Care of Your Health

Pandemics are unchartered territory for us. That doesn’t mean we neglect our health. This is in fact a more important time to monitor our health and take good care of it. While elective surgeries will have to wait so we don’t overwhelm the healthcare system, a quick check-in with your doctor, if you think something is amiss, is a good idea. To keep up with these social distancing times, our Gogodoc doctors are available over the phone or through video consultations to help you keep tabs on your health!

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