Hassle free doctor home visits! Gogodoc automatically finds the nearest GP based on your location (Available in Zones 1-6 only). You can track your GP whilst they make their way to you.

If you have any of the symptoms listed below, please do not book a home visit appointment.
Fever, cough, loss of smell & taste, breathing difficulties, chest tightness & wheezing.

Our highly experienced GPs will come straight to you for a doctor home visit (within 90 minutes). You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, office, gym or wherever you may be. Simply let us know where to come and we’ll be there as soon as possible!

Our doctor home visits will be for a 20-minute consultation with you in which you will be given a prescription or referral accordingly free of charge. You will also be able to request a sick form or other documentation as appropriate.

Book your appointment down below or via the App. 

Once your booking is complete a member of the team will be in touch to schedule a specific time for you.

Price: £ 275.00
Gogodoc should NOT be used in possible medical emergencies or situations that may require urgent medical attention. If you think that your situation, or someone else’s, is or might become an emergency, you should IMMEDIATELY STOP using Gogodoc and call 999.

Examples are:
Severe chest pain, Difficulty breathing, Active or severe bleeding, Loss of consciousness, Slurred speech, Facial Drooping, Inability to move an arm or leg, Acute confused state, Fits/seizures, Major trauma, A rash that doesn’t disappear under a glass tumbler being pressed against it, Possible stroke or heart attack, Swallowing a foreign object such as a battery, Sudden loss of vision or hearing.