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Talk to your GP – Why this is important now more than ever

While the world talks incessantly about the COVID-19 crisis, there is a lesser-known issue we might be overlooking – our general health and well-being.

The National Health Service is worried about the steady decline in the number of patients coming in for other illnesses – strokes, cardiac issues, pregnancy-related visits, sick children and the like. There is around a 29% decrease in A&E visits and doctors fear that people needing care are not visiting hospitals. It is understandable, given that many of us are worried and anxious about stepping outside and would rather not visit places with more people. Especially when hospitals are also currently treating COVID-19 patients.

While the advice and general consensus is to delay elective procedures until it is safe to venture out, more critical, time-sensitive health issues need to be tackled sooner rather than later. A delay in seeking the right kind of care can not only be detrimental for your health (or the health of a loved one), but will also ultimately add more strain on the already overworked and limited health resources and healthcare system. Moreover, if there is a COVID-19 risk,it is better to ensure we are not immunocompromised in any way so a recovery might be possible. 

One way to protect yourself is to ascertain if a hospital visit is needed first. Talk to your GP, explain your health situation and seek counsel. You can now consult with a general practice doctor without having to leave the house – through an online or video consultation. 

Gogodoc’s team has NHS-certified General Practice doctors who can offer expert medical advice over an online/video call so you can get the help you need while still practicing lockdown rules. A private online GP consultation can be scheduled through our website or through the Gogodoc app and a GP – appointments could be as early as within the hour. Online doctor consultations include prescriptions that can be filled at your pharmacy, should you require it, as well as advice on whether you need advanced medical care at a hospital.

If you do have to seek medical attention at a hospital, do it without delay, but take protective measures before venturing out – including masks and practicing social distancing. Again, talk to your GP, get your health checked, and get guidance on next steps. Take care, and stay safe.

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