Eye problems: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

What are eye problems?

An eye problem is a sickness which harms the optic nerve and hinders the vision of a person. There are small eye problems that will eventually disappear but most of the eye problems need to be treated with the help of a specialist.

Main causes for eye problems

  • A common eye problem like eye strain occurs mainly due to the overuse of the eyes. For example: reading books and working with the computer for a long time without giving any rest may cause eye strain. 
  • Red eye is an eye problem caused due to lack of sleep in the night and due to some allergies.
  • Color blindness is also another eye which causes due to absence or damage to the color cells in the eyes.
  • Dry eyes are caused due to the dryness in the eyes of a human.

Main symptoms of the above eye problems

  • Feeling strained and weary.
  • Eyes turning to a reddish or pink color.
  • Unable to identify and see certain colors.
  • Lack of quality teardrops and burning sensation in the eye.

Main treatments for the above eye problems

  • Blinking at regular intervals refreshes the eyes.
  • Taking regular breaks while working in front of the computer.
  • Reducing the brightness of the monitor. 
  • Wipe both eyes with a cloth soaked in warm water. 
  • Always be hydrated.  
  • Staying away from pollen and smokes. 

There’s no treatment for color blindness. Only lenses with certain filters are there to identify certain colors. 

  • Consuming fish oils and omega 3. 
  • Using lipi-flow (This uses heat and pressure to treat the dry eyes.) 
  • Make use of a humidifier

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