Coping with COVID Stress – 5 ways to relieve anxiety and stress

The world is in crisis mode, so it is only natural that you are in crisis mode too. If you have been dealing with stress, or a roller-coaster of emotions during these difficult times, don’t be alarmed. You’re not alone and everyone is going through this in some form. Here are five tips that can help during a time like this.

Stay Active

Moving the body can do wonders. If you’re not the home-workout/fitness buff, that’s okay. Do what you can – even if it’s a simple 60 minute walk around the house (following social distancing protocol of course). The endorphins from the activity can help with relieving stress and making you feel happier and in control.

Be Kinder to Yourself

Our normal has completely changed. So it does not make sense to measure our success, productivity, goals and the like by the same standards we used in our normal times, before the microorganism took over our lives. Reset goals if you have to, accept that there will be good days and bad days, and do your best. If you are having trouble coping, seek help.

Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

It can start to feel pretty lonely if you are cooped up inside. Let people in, virtually. Talk to friends and family, organize virtual get-togethers and hangouts, check in on them, share stories and memories. Connecting to our loved ones can help us feel less alone and more hopeful for when we get to actually hang out with them in person.

Stick to a Routine

It can get very easy to fall into the ‘what’s the point’ trap during these times. Find, or rather, MAKE your own purpose and routine and stick to it. Following a routine helps your brain focus on sizable tasks in specified chunks of time, which will bring some order into a somewhat chaotic existence right now.

Get Back to the Things You Love

Remember all the times you said ‘if only I had the time’? Well, here it is. Find your way back to the things you loved, or the things you wanted to learn to love. Pick up a new hobby, reconnect with an old one, do things that bring calm and peace to your life right now.

Apart from mental being, physical well-being is also important, so make sure you speak to your GP if you have concerns. If you are afraid to step out to meet one, make use of our online video consultation services where our Gogodoc GP can provide expert medical advice over a video call. Visit our website to know more and book an appointment.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for stress – the above are examples of ways to minimize it, but there are of course many more options and it is important to find the ones that work for you and stick to those. These are weird times, and weird times warrant weird solutions, so whatever gets you through this crisis, go ahead and do that. As always, stay safe, and indoors!

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