Chest Pain – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Chest pain or Pain in the chest area (from below the neck to above the abdomen) does not automatically mean a heart attack. The pain may vary in intensity, duration, location etc. indicating other disorders.


Pressure or tightness in the chest, sharp pain when moving a certain way, shortness of breath, pain from other areas that radiate into the chest are all valid (but not exhaustive) symptoms.

Common Causes

Chest pain could be caused by issues with the underlying organs – heart (circulation issues or weak muscles), lungs (pnuemonia, blood clots, or spasms), gastro (acid reflux, gall bladder or pancreas issues), or due to issues with the bones and muscles in the chest area (broken ribs, fractures etc.)


Treatment depends on the cause and can range from medicine, observation or surgery. Consult a doctor if you have chest pain so a proper diagnosis may be performed.

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