Busting 5 Myths about the Coronavirus

It has been three months of non-stop news about the Coronavirus, and no doubt it has given rise to memes, myths, conspiracies, and conflicting information. Here, we bust 5 myths associated with the Coronavirus and give you the relevant facts.



You can get the Coronavirus from pets.

FACT : The WHO has confirmed that household pets are not carriers of the Coronavirus. They do, however, recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly after playing with or handling pets to prevent other pet-related illnesses.


Face Masks can protect you from the virus.

FACT : Face Masks are only effective in preventing the spread of the disease when worn by someone WITH the coronavirus. For a healthy person, face masks are usually ineffective as the virus can also be transmitted by touching an infected surface and then touching the eyes, nose, or mouth


Only old people die from the virus.

FACT : While it is true that older people with existing illnesses and comorbidities are more susceptible to fatalities with the coronavirus, it can just as easily be deadly for anyone with a compromised or weakened immune system. Even in healthy individuals, a successful battle with the coronavirus may still leave the immune system tired and weak and make it susceptible to other newer illnesses.


Drinking water frequently can ‘wash away’ the virus.

FACT : While hydration helps in any situation, a respiratory virus such as the Coronavirus cannot just be washed away. The best form of protection is to wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and practise social distancing.



The virus cannot survive in warmer climates.

FACT : The thing about viruses is that they mutate and adapt to their host and surroundings, so this is not true. The WHO has declared that climate has nothing to do with killing the virus as it can survive in both hot and cold temperatures.


There are likely many more myths floating around and the best path forward is to do the research, understand and evaluate for ourselves what is fact and what is a myth waiting to be busted. If you are unsure about what you read/hear and want an expert opinion, our GPs at Gogodoc are here to help – book a phone/video consultation today and get the right facts.


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