Age – Related Macular Degeneration Treatment (AMD)

Macular degeneration is the principle cause of age-related vision, mostly in older adults.

Macular degeneration happens when the cells in the eye become damaged. Therefore, as a result the brain receives images that are unclear or gnarled

Normally, in a healthy eye, light travels through the pupil that hits the pupil and then reaches the retina which is the inner back layer of your eye. Thin layers of cells in the retina sends electrical signals along the optic nerve to the brain, where images you see are translated.

The macular is located at the center of the retina. Here, millions of light sensing cells provide sharp, central vision.

Causes of macular degeneration:

Its major risk factor is aging, which normally happens to older adults.

Macular degeneration causes are complex, this includes both heredity and environment factors.

There are 2 types of AMD,

  1. Dry AMD – This is a common eye disorder among people over 50 years. A blurred, or reduced central vision is experienced due to thinning of the macular.
  2. Wet AMD- This is a persistent eye disorder. Blurred or blind spots in your vision field are experienced. This develops when abnormal blood vessels grow into the macular.

Common symptoms of macular degeneration:

At initial stages macular degeneration may not affect the vision, but some of its symptoms are;

  • Blurring of the central vision
  • Experiencing blurred, dark or empty spots
  • Distortion

Treatments for macular degeneration:

Some of the treatments for macular degeneration are;

  • Eating eye-healthy foods such as; Dark leafy greens, yellow fruits and vegetables, a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.
  • Undergoing medications called anti-VEGF drugs (Anti-antiangiogenic drugs) for wet AMD
  • Laser therapy for wet AMD
  •  Photodynamic laser therapy

Risk factors of macular degeneration:

Several risk factors are controllable even though age-related macular degeneration are complex.

Some of its controllable risk factors are;

  • Smoking
  • Being overweight overall and around abdomen
  • High blood pressure
  • Long term exposure to the sun without eye protection
  • Unchecked cardiovascular disease.

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