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Using this time wisely – 5 self-improvement things to do indoors

We’ve been given a gift, amidst all the chaos around us – that gift is time – and tons of it. So how can we best use this time to add a few good habits to our schedule? Read below.

Home Workouts

No access to the gym doesn’t mean no fitness. Use what you have and invest time in home workouts. Get an app that offers online classes, or watch youtube videos that make it interesting and fun for you. The endorphins after exercising are sure to help you get through these times!


Audio, digital, hard copy. There are more choices today than ever before. Reading can be incredibly helpful in accumulating knowledge, broadening perspectives and just letting that brain consume relevant and mindful content. Explore a favourite genre, or dip your toes into a new one. Listen to a good story, or go the non-fiction route and pick up a good habit!


Sitting still sounds hard, eh? But meditation is one of the easiest ways to bring some mindfulness into your life and reduce stress. Think of it like a reset button. Start with guided meditation if you’re new to the practice – there are plenty of apps on the market – and just 5 minutes! You can build it up as you go.


Marie Kondo your flat. Okay, maybe not that intense, but some kind of organization is good. Organizing, even just moving things around, is supposed to help calm the mind. It will also show you how many things you’ve bought thinking you would use them but have barely touched!

Cooking Your Own Meals

Survival 101 right there – knowing how to make sustenance. Now may be the time to check out those youtube videos, or that old cookbook you forgot you paid for. Knowing what you are putting into your body, will help you differentiate between flavour and junk and nudge you in the right direction. Not an expert cook? Start with some help – get meal kits, or start with making portions of a larger meal (eg., buy the sauce, make the pasta).

So tell us – what forms of self-improvement have worked best for you?