Due to different skills and equipment, a clinician visiting you at home may not be able to provide some services. The following list includes but is not limited to:
Administering medications including steroid injections, vaccines. Medications are given through an oral or non-oral route.
Long-acting reversible contraception
Hormonal injections
Administration of cancer medications
Minor operations
Emergency Medications
Wound management
Stitches, Glue, Steris trips
Examinations that may involve more than one person.
Intimate examinations (Please see chaperone policy)
Bedside investigations.
A Clinician may also if concerned for their safety not enter an area or premises. They may also leave the premises mid consultation. Any concerns will be discussed with the executives who will aim to speak to the patient and discuss the concerns if they feel it is safe and appropriate to do so. There may be a notification on a patients records.
An example may include a pet such as a dog that causes the doctor to feel unsafe or access to property involving needing to walk to an area the doctor feels to be unsafe.
Associated policies: Lone worker policy, chaperone policy, Risk assessments.