As doctors will be working out of area, it may not always be possible to know what the local guidelines are on prescribing. In these circumstances the doctor will be expected to adhere to National guidance as set out on the NICE Guidance and NICE CKS guidance.
It will be expected that doctors have access to these guidelines either through a mobile phone application, via access to the internet, or a similar alternative.
Doctors may not prescribe medications that fall outside their competencies. Doctors should not prescribe a medication they do not feel comfortable prescribing. In this situation they are to speak to colleagues who may have the competency to prescribe the medication.
Doctors when reviewing a patient for Gogodoc should not make changes to regular medications unless it is clear that a full medication history is available, if there is any doubt, the doctor will be expected to prescribe the minimum needed to keep the patient safe and refer the patient to their regular practitioner and make it clear on documentation to the practitioner that follows.
Minimum needed (for non controlled medications) is classed as enough for the patient to arrange a review with GP. This may be 24 hours of medication, on a Friday or Weekend this maybe enough medications to last until Monday. This may, on the discretion of the clinician be longer if the next available appointment with their regular practitioner means they need to wait for longer than next working day.
An example of the above could be a patient who has been started on antihypertensives that can not see their GP in the next week, they may need one weeks medication to keep them safe.
Gogodoc will not provide long term prescribing of controlled drugs. We can provide the minimum required until the patient is able to attend their regular practitioner.
Minimum required (for controlled medication) is classed as enough for patient to contact their regular practitioner in the next 1-2 working days. On a weekday this will be 24-48 hours of medications, on a Friday or Weekend this will be enough medications to last until Monday.
The prescribing pattern of doctors will be audited and reviewed.
Any concerns will be discussed with the practitioner and they will be continued to be audited.