What is botox?

You may have heard the word Botox being thrown around everywhere these days. Things don’t often become popular unless they work very well and that’s exactly what has made Botox an incredibly popular treatment for regaining facial contours.


Botox (botulinum toxin injections) are medical treatments that can also be used to help relax facial muscles. This makes lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and frown lines, less obvious. They can alter your appearance without the need for surgery. They are becoming an incredibly popular way of improving or gaining your desired facial features without the need for invasive surgery. Modern advances in technique and equipment allow Botox treatments to restore the facial contours of your face in a matter of a single treatment.


Why do people need Botox?

Often over the years when we squint or frown, the muscles in our face contract and there are a lot of muscles in our face. Following many years of repetitive contraction of your facial muscles, small wrinkles and lines begin to form. Commonly these lines are forehead linesfrown lineseyebrows and lines around the eyes/crow’s feet region. Other factors attributing to this ageing process include sun damage, the effects of gravity and simply facial emotions like laughing and crying.


Botox treatments remove these lines or wrinkles for long periods at a time through interrupting a process that prevents muscles from creasing or forming lines on our faces. Each time the muscles in our face want to contract, a message is sent from the brain via nerves to the muscles, instructing them to contract. However, the natural chemicals in the Botox injections prevent this process and therefore rendering those facial muscles causing wrinkles and lines unable to form creases in the skin.

Why Gogodoc?

All of our treatments are carried out by medically trained and fully qualified GPs. All of our doctors providing the treatments have been extensively trained and provide a thorough premium treatment experience. We carry out all of our treatments are the comfort of your home, hotel or workplace provided there is somewhere private for the treatment to take place. 


Our Promises

  • A premium Botox service.
  • All treatments carried out at the comfort of your home.
  • Make your lines and wrinkles diminish significantly.
  • Natural looking results and immediate satisfaction.
  • Performed by fully qualified medical doctors.
  • Available throughout London Zones 1 – 4.
  • Available Mon-Fri until Xpm & weekends until Xpm.